Capture prospects with tailored SEO

The world is full of variety. 

There’s no such thing as one-size fits all. 

At Catchworks we don’t believe that businesses should settle for run of the mill websites and marketing campaigns. An investment in an SEO agency should be exactly that, it should have a tangible ROI.

We capitalise on opportunities and deliver small agency flexibility with big agency skillsets.


We want to remember every marketing campaign we work on, and be proud of the impact they have on businesses, teams and society.

‘An extension of your team’. Overused and rarely implemented. We’re changing that.

Information for everyone

Gone are the days of secretive SEO. We believe that information needs to be shared to achieve true partnerships. We’re a service provider, we’re an SEO agency, but we’re also educators. We want clients to learn from us and we want to learn from clients.

Search led
marketing & design

Catchworks is an SEO agency first and foremost. Our clients are able to harness the flow of organic searches from prospects through identified buying funnels. In order to succeed in converting we couple our SEO expertise with conversion-led website design. Sprinkle Google Ads for more immediate results and data for a winning combination.

Website Design

Websites are the central piece of the puzzle. They engage. They deliver messaging. They hold the lion's share of a new prospects' brand experience. They must convert.

Search Engine Optimisation

More than just keywords on a page. SEO requires expertise from multiple departments: technical, content, outreach & data. Work with us to supplement existing teams or let our team fully manage your SEO.

Google Ads

Break down the barriers between paid and organic search. They should work together, amplifying your resources and budget. Be strategic with ad spend and stay flexible.

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