Choosing a brandname is tough. It rarely comes to you straight away. When it does, it’s usually already taken.
Our first choice was taken. We adapted and we’re happy with Catchworks. In fact it has more meaning than our original.

There are lots of different ways to come up with a brandname. You can go the literal route, the made up word route or the completely meaningless route. All have their pros and cons. If you’re interested, we’ve included some of the reasoning behind Catchworks below:


Underlying Theory: Searches.

Imagine an empty space that represents the internet. Passing through this space are searches. They’re whizzing past you all the time.
These searches represent the appetite of your potential consumer base. Some are very close to you. They’re very relevant, specific and transactional. Gold dust. These are people searching directly for your brand or product with the intent to buy.
Some are further away. They’re less transactional but are still within reach, still very valuable. There is a lot of them as well. These are people researching, trying to figure out what they need and comparing options.

Some are still further away. They stretch as far as the eye can see. These are searches that are still relevant but not at that transactional stage. They represent opportunity. They show the extent of people searching for related content. They might not be actively looking for your brand, product or service but they can be persuaded. It’s a vast field of searches ready to be harvested.

You’ve likely guessed it already. That’s where the ‘catch’ in Catchworks comes from. We help you spread a digital net to catch relevant searches as they pass you in cyberspace. We felt it was important to categorise these searches in our little metaphor. Some businesses will have a lot of success catching very relevant and transactional searches. Others may have to create a strategy that focusses on the wider searches. We don’t paint by numbers. Which conveniently leads us on to the ‘works’.

Underlying Theory: Performance

This is where it gets a little geeky. 
For those of you who know these companies (or the phrase), it will make sense. For those of you who do not, well, we still hope it makes sense.
The name ‘Catch’ was already taken. We loved the name so this came as a real disappointment, but alas, we have to move on from these things. We knew we wanted to run with the concept and so we started looking at alternatives. Add ons, changing the spelling, synonyms, the lot. None of the spelling changes or synonyms had the same….catchiness. *sorry.
Add ons felt like the best route forward. ‘Catchworks’ not only rolls off the tongue well, but also fits the brand ethos. We don’t want to be another digital marketing agency that paints by numbers. We need to access genuine experience and skill, alongside creativity. This was the formula that would differentiate us. It would also help to reduce some of the problems faced by agencies and clients alike.
Call us copycats, call us unoriginal. You’re entitled to your view. Remember that choice number one is no longer an option. We approached with the following thought stream. The existence of high performance companies using ‘works’ in their name fits in well with our ethos. It helps that we are big fans of the history behind the name as well! 
Image credit: Skunk Works & Lockheed Martin
It all started with Skunk Works, the advanced development arm of Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin being one of the world’s largest aerospace, defence and security corporations. The team at Skunk Works have been responsible for some incredible projects. Not least the iconic SR-71 Blackbird and the U-2 spy plane.
The fact that Skunk Works operate within a different industry is somewhat immaterial.
It’s what they stand for that interests us.
They stand for small, specialist teams creating high performance. They want to challenge the norm and push the boundaries. In fact the term ‘Skunk Works’ has since been used to describe such a specific team. One that has often been created separate from the main business for the sake of radical innovation. Skunk works have been set up by businesses in varying industries from tech to sport, from aerospace to retail. If you’re interested, Business Insider have created a handy list for you of skunk works at major corporations. Many have retained the ‘works’ in their title such as S-Works, the performance arm of bike manufacturer Specialized. We want to continue the tradition.


We may not reach the radical heights of the SR-71 Blackbird. That’s fine. We are more interested in the ethos behind the name.

We want to change the agency model to suit modern working practices  & deliver specialist, performance based expertise. We must help our clients to spread their net to all relevant searches. We will then tailor their projects to convert these searches. 

Our agency model will then help us to keep an ethos of specialism and creativity. It is this focus on high performance that will help our clients. A virtuous circle if you like.


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  2. […] create an environment within which our clients can engage with searches. We described this in our brandname article, where we look to spread a digital web of sorts.   We also want to clients to utilise us […]

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